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کیا سمجھیں گے وہ لوگ بھلا رمزِ شہادت

جو عید تو کرتے ہیں محرم نہیں کرتے

What secrets will they understand of martyrdom?

Those who commemorate Eid, but not Muharram

i love eid ul azha so much more than eid ul fitr. tbh non-shias can’t appreciate this eid like we do. they sacrifice animals to remember how ibrahim (a) was ransomed of the great sacrifice, but they forget who was given the duty of offering that sacrifice. they circumabulate the kaaba yet forget who changed his niyyat in the midst of hajj to offer the ultimate sacrifice. 

saying bakra eid is lame it erases all the other animals zibha’d for eid. we sacrifice a dunba sometimes