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I just saw someone on Twitter say Aziz Mian > NFAK and it’s true since I’m on the Aziz Mian hype now.

What made me change my view is his ‘Jahan bood Ali bood’ in Man Kunto Maula. Bood = tha in Farsi so jahan tha Ali tha, zaman tha Ali tha, Nabi tha Ali tha. Most Muslims believe Rasoolallah’s soul was the first creation x thousand years before the world was created, but it’s a pure Shia belief that Ali’s soul was there with him.

Dekh kar aate huwe madar-e-Haider ke qadam

Muskurati hui deewar barhi dar bole

just 1 more replay of the 25 minute ayah-e-balligh mir hasan read in chicago and im going to bed lmao 

bas 1 raat sahih se so’oon to dil lag jaaye ga

omg my mom texted me calling me beta she has never done this before why are u doing this to me maa 

  1. middle-of-a-breakdown said: Since when did Jammu Kashmir become a part of Pakistan. Even so, koi dia hai

what kind of a question is this? everyone knows jammu and kashmir have been part of pakistan ever since the country was founded by muhammad bin qasim in 711 AD