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butheiina nope, i stopped gaming freshman year but i bought gta 5 before ramzan started cause i was really bored at home all day but i finished the game and don’t care about it now lmao

when i was in 7th grade i’d play counter strike until this time and then watch g4


kids these days

with their e-marijuana

back in my day,

we had to grow it in pots n shit

not download it off the internet

Baada-e-hub-e-Ali pee kar na behkoon ga kabhi

Main Ghadeer-e-Khumm ka mastana hoon, deewana nahin

what did they do 1400 yrs go

i was referring to how the shia believe farooq al-azam is actually a title of imam ali (as) which was later taken by janab e umar

so did u tell them they're late

well i’ve never bumped into one resulting in their apologizing 

We hold these truths to be self-evident that all samosay were created equal

United States Declaration of Independence (via zulfiqarr)