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we need more shia kids named salman yo i shiver whenever i hear fazail of salman al-muhammadi now 

Islam ko jam kar kabhi chalna nahin aata

Gar Asghar-e-Baysheer madadgar na hote

Nouri Sardar has this chilling poem on a discussion between Ali Asghar (as) and Hazrat Mohsin (as) where janab e ali asghar narrates his masaib and then janab e mohsin tells him i was killed before i was even able to see my mother.. 

Airiyan mujh ko ragarne ki zaroorat hi nahin

Kuch mere saamne paani ki haqeeqat hi nahin

Main jo keh doon abhi sehra main ho kausar jaari

Main Ali ibn Hussain ibn Ali

if you go on google earth and calculate the distance between safa and marwa and between the shrines of hazrat abbas and imam hussain they’re the exact same. 

very interesting when hajra ran between the former for water and zainab crawled between the two for protection 

when i think of zamzam i think about how mothers will do anything to make sure their child gets food and water but all these 21st century american muslim assholes think of is “aw shit u thirsty u need zamzam”

i very sadly announce that the pride of shia tumblr, nasserelamine, has left the fold of tashayyu and joined the ranks of the nation of islam