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i was about to buy sheikh mufid’s irshad since thats on amazon as well plus for really cheap but then i’m like nah i’m gonna buy all the classics in urdu and arabic once i learn it. it feels more natural to read the classics in the vernacular 

calling sheikh saduq ‘ibn babawayh’ is so boring. farsi way of saying it is so much better

ibn babuya 

they always destroy the shrines of individuals shias often mention lol. ammar ibn yasir (ra) obviously holds a very important role in shi’ism, yunus (as) does given narrations on using the waseela of ali (as) to get out of the whale, shees (as) is significant for being the first vicegerent of adam (as) just as ali was the first vicegerent of muhammad (saw). i didn’t even know of jirjis (as) before his shrine was destroyed, when i searched him up, the first source was hayat al qulub, a shia book. the only mention of nabi jirjis comes from the shi’i scholars saduq and qutb rawandi 

shees, yunus aur jirjis se kya wabastagi hum to rasool-e-muazzam saddam hussein ke shedayi hain 


you know what’s funny? graves of prophets, shrines to holy people are being destroyed left and right by isis, in the name of “bidah” or innovation…but the grave of the filthy rotten saddam is left intact in tirkit. hm, I wonder why.

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abebooks is the best though because the books pertaining to shi’ism published in india come cheap af it’s just shipping costs and having to wait a few weeks but i prefer that over paying a shit ton to amazon for everything 

yeah 150 is nothing especially when all the books i want are like 80+ bucks lol i can get 1.4 books